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Issue loading Panda.

Posted: 07 May 2014, 17:59
by SeanChiarot
Followed the instructions to a T. all the 'file lists' match properly, but when I go to boot it I get the following error

'nfsmount: need a path'

I've reinstalled NFS Support

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apt-get install nfs-kernel-server
update-rc.d nfs-kernel-server defaults
The next step will overwrite your original /etc/exports !!!
cat /tftpboot/bin/setup/erpxe-exports > /etc/exports
the 'erpxe-exports' file matches the 'exports' file (I've even copy and pasted everything to double check)

I've checked file permissions and everything seems proper. I've even tried going as far as changing everything to 777.

Now the error says to view live.log for more details and I did, heres what it states

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IP-Config: eth0 hardware address 44:8a:5b:05:db mtu 1500 DHCP RARP
IP-Config: eth0 complete (from
Address:    Broadcast:     Netmask:
Gateway:     DNS0:                 DNS1:
Rootserver: rootpath:
Filename : pxelinux.0
begin: trying wget -0 /live/image/live/filesystem.squashfs ... Connecting to (
wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
begin: trying netboot from ... Begin: Trying nfsmount -o nolock ro /live/image ... nfsmount: need a path
nfsmount: need a path
nfsmount: need a path
nfsmount: need a path
(the above line is entered 50 times total)
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, erpxe is running on a PC running Ubuntu 14.04

Re: Issue loading Panda.

Posted: 08 May 2014, 11:19
by RaveMaker
Panda is served via HTTP and not NFS.
Try accessing from a web browser and see if you can access the file directly.
My guess is that your Apache server is offline. ... TP_support

Re: Issue loading Panda.

Posted: 08 May 2014, 17:06
by SeanChiarot
Hmmm, now that you mention that, I think I see where the error is... its not searching in the 'plugins' directory for Panda, its searching in the er directory.

I'll give that a shot once I get back home.
Thanks Rave!

Re: Issue loading Panda.

Posted: 08 May 2014, 19:56
by SeanChiarot
Yupp, that made it work, future refrence for anyone, if you run into this issue, create a folder under /var/www/html/ call that folder /er/ under the /er/ folder copy & paste the 'panda' folder from your /tftpboot/er/plugins location

Re: Issue loading Panda.

Posted: 10 May 2014, 16:52
by RaveMaker
That would work but you should use erpxe-httpd.conf so you won't have to copy the files.