Windows installs

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Windows installs

Post by comprx » 20 Jul 2012, 06:37

I am just wondering if it is a legitimate install over PXE or if ERPXE is simply a method to place an image of windows onto a drive.

I would love to select "install windows xp home" and it start up either the actual windows xp disk or a PE that calls an install script.

The wiki is a little vague on this.

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Re: Windows installs

Post by RaveMaker » 22 Jul 2012, 01:15

You can do both with ERPXE.

You can deploy an image with any cloning solution like Symantec Ghost or Clonezilla.

You can install Windows Vista/7 from WinPE.
For automated installation you should create your own WinPE with a start-up script and access the installation from a Windows Share.
You can also create a custom installation using vLite or something similar.

How to boot WinPE / Ghost you using ERPXE is explained in our Wiki and they are referred to as ERPXE plugins.

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