Issue with Panda SafeDisk

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Issue with Panda SafeDisk

Post by SeanChiarot » 25 Oct 2013, 21:29

I've got it booting properly in a VM on my laptop (works great btw!)

how-ever when I go to boot off network, on some of my machines I get input not supported (most of my bench pc's have a small 17" screen...)

so I'd like to change the default screen res, where abouts would I do this?
Also, just curious, is there a way we can save the reports?, the only reason I ask about that is, say for example a file gets removed and after we reboot the PC will not boot up normally now, I'd like a way to save a report to view, how-ever when I go and save it, it tells me the boot partition is ready only.

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Re: Issue with Panda SafeDisk

Post by RaveMaker » 31 Oct 2013, 17:02

This seems to be a Panda issue.
There are no switches in the PXE menu that allow you to change resolution inside Panda,
you should contact their forum/support and post the question there.

In order to save the log files you need to mount a share and save the logs there since the PXE env is read only.
I'm sure it is fairly simple but this also seems to be a Panda issue and not a PXE one,
so I would recommend asking about that in Panda forum/support.

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