Hirenbootcd and hirenmini iso

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Hirenbootcd and hirenmini iso

Post by w4rh0und » 06 Apr 2012, 20:41

I have seen that the topics are locked at this point.

The hirenmini iso did not work when i hex edited it only found 4 places to edit not 9. I will be back with the errors encountered.

I have tested the hirenbootcd.ima generation but it did not work :(

I used a win7 vmware with Microsoft Windows Embedded Studio 2009

Created a 100 Mb sdi. Formated to fat and marked the disk active.

Used HBCD 10.0

All files from boot.gz to the root of the drive. Copied HBCD folder. Deleted win files
edited autoexec.bat and set set cdrom=c at the begining of the file
But did not work

I tried changing the boot in winimage from win7 to win98 as your image is but still no luck

I get the following errors:

memdisk: Image seems to have fractional end cylinder

old dos memory at 0x9f400 (map says 0x9f400) loading at 0x9e800
Loading boot sector ... booting

Remove disks or other media
Press any key to restart

Have you had this problem?

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Re: Hirenbootcd and hirenmini iso

Post by RaveMaker » 07 Apr 2012, 01:00

I've updated both articles to help clarify the process:

Fires I have added the exact locations of the HEX values to edit in:
http://erpxe.org/index.php/Hiren%27s_Mi ... in_PE_1.0)

I believe that would solve your issue with hirensminixp plugins.

Second I have added a few more steps in creating the hirensbootcd.ima:

My guess is that you have exported an image without an appropriate MBR.

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Re: Hirenbootcd and hirenmini iso

Post by w4rh0und » 07 Apr 2012, 01:18

Thanks again for a fast reply. I will give it a try.

The more i make it work the more i like this project :)

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