Trouble with downloading

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Trouble with downloading

Post by monq » 11 Aug 2013, 20:22

Hate to ask such an embarrassing question, but I can't seem to download plugins(multiple or single) from the download page,

I have tried with firefox and chrome on ubuntu, and also with firefox, chrome, and even IE on windows.

Each time the following message appears:

Code: Select all

Download complete.

Downloading file: activebootdisk71-106.tar.gz
Downloading file: 4mlinux320-100.tar.gz
But the files are not in the download folder and cannot be found anywhere on the disk. There is also nothing in the browser download history(chrome, firefox, IE)


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Re: Trouble with downloading

Post by RaveMaker » 14 Aug 2013, 17:38

There was an issue with our download manager,
We have changed a few things and it seems to be working correctly.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

You can always download ERPXE and plugins directly from SourceForge:

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