TFTP Download Failed

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TFTP Download Failed

Post by nixer » 26 Jul 2013, 13:15

I just found this ERPXE project yesterday and spent the day trying to get it to work. I have not succeeded, yet. Whenever I try to load the hirensminixp.iso I get a message "TFTP Download Failed". Nothing else shows on the screen.

I have a Debian Stable system running the atftpd program. The tftpd-hpa would not install without errors so I am trying to use a different tftp server. This atftp program likes for the default location to be at /srv/tftp and erpxe suggests it at /tftpboot. No problem so far as I symlinked the root of /tftpboot to /srv/tftp. It does load the program and I can navigate the erpxe menu. I might add that the atftp server works fine with other pxe boots, just not this erpxe.

I went through the installation and configuration of erpxe and all went fine except for the command "smbpasswd -a erpxe" which threw out an error. I don't think this is critical, for now, so I will move on. Everything seems fine except that I am unsure where to put this information: "-m /tftpboot/er.remap -vvvvv -s". I added it to the /etc/default/atftp.conf file as -
OPTIONS="--tftpd-timeout 300 --retry-timeout 5 --mcast-port 1758 --mcast-addr --mcast-ttl 1 --maxthread 100 --verbose=5 -m /tftpboot/er.remap"
I had to drop the -s flag as the service would not start with it added. This does not seem to help any. I also added it to the /etc/init.d script on the "Options" line as "-m /tftpboot/er.remap -vvvvv -s". This does not help any either. I am unsure about this. Is there a proper way that you suggest do add it?

My creation of the hirensminixp.iso file was attempted three times with the hex editing done at least 4 times. I am pretty sure that I have got this right, but then, maybe not. I checked my /var/log/daemon file and I get this message:
Jul 25 22:56:29 server atftpd[27551]: Serving er/plugins/ to
Jul 25 22:56:32 server atftpd[27551]: Serving er/plugins/hirensminixp/startrom.0 to
Jul 25 22:56:32 server atftpd[27551]: Serving WIN\H to
The error log stops here.

I don't know which direction to take from here. I may have picked a more advanced plugin to use as my first try with erpxe, but it is one that I would use often so I tried it. Any suggestions?

Update: I just tried a easier plugin, the partedmagic plugin. It too will not download, but i get no error message in the log. The last line in the log file says:
Jul 26 10:12:17 server atftpd[3659]: Serving er/plugins/partedmagic/i386/bzimage to
Jul 26 10:12:24 server atftpd[3659]: Serving er/menu/skin/menu.png to
and then the log stops. I can browse the erpxe menu including the PMagic menu entry, and then once selected, nothing happens.

I am missing something somewhere, but I can't find it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: TFTP Download Failed

Post by RaveMaker » 29 Jul 2013, 16:04

I don't see an issue with your configuration.
I would try to move the files to /tftpboot instead of /srv/tftp and change the settings to point to /tftpboot .

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Re: TFTP Download Failed

Post by nixer » 21 Aug 2013, 17:56

I have tried all that I know and I can't get this to work, yet. I want to ask a question regarding dhcp configuration. I am wondering if my problem isn't somehow related to this issue: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=120.

I have a small network that uses a common linksys router which has been flashed with tomato firmware. My alteration to dnsmasq on the router contains only one line:
which is pointing to a grub entry and from this grub entry I can point to a pxe linux. This works fine. I can also enter "dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,," and it will load the erpxe boot menu fine, but nothing will transfer by tftp.

In looking over the debian install instructions, at the bottom it mentions dhcp configuration which I have not done.
Add the following rules to your dhcp server:
filename "pxelinux.0";
Under Virtual Appliance it says:
ERPXE IP address is , To change it you should read Change IP article.
On the Change IP article it says:
In order to adjust ERPXE to the local IP Address of your server you first need to adjust your DHCP server settings:
Linux DHCPd:
next-server NEWIPADDRESS;
Do I need to amend anything in the "dhcp-boot" line in the tomato firmware? I do not know of anything else to ask. I have done everything else in the installation instructions. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: TFTP Download Failed

Post by RaveMaker » 21 Aug 2013, 19:06

Your router config seems fine.
My guess is that the issue is with your TFTP configuration.
Try using TFTPD-HPA instead of ATFTPD and then try moving the files to /tftpboot instead of /srv/tftp/

TFTPD-HPA config:

Follow this tutorial and verify you haven't missed anything with PartedMagic plugin configuration:

Change the plugin IP address:
Several plugins use HTTP/NFS/SMB protocols to mount the rest of the OS after the first KERNEL,INITRD stage.
In order to mount the files from a correct location you will need to edit the .menu file included with the plugin.
Just look for the string within the .menu file and replace it with your IP address.

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Re: TFTP Download Failed

Post by alfredalfred » 09 May 2016, 14:11

This works fine. I can also enter "dhcp-boot=pxelinux.0,," and it will load the erpxe boot menu fine, but nothing will transfer by tftp????

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