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Future version of ERPXE

Posted: 24 May 2015, 00:06
by ET-CS
Hi everyone! we're glad to tell that (after a fashion) we've started working massively on the next major version of ERPXE project (also known as version 2.0). It's already looking great! (at least to us and we're not objective).

The new version will have a NEW concept.. with a NEW (better) way to setup your PXE server, a NEW way to manage your plugins, a lot of NEW features and of-course lot of UPDATED and NEW plugins.

you can watch the progress on the already uploaded python core & cli at ERPXE GitHub repository
It isn't official yet and there is not documentation but to make it work you'll need some python knowledge to install the package using `python install` and the `2.0-dev` branch of the /tftpboot folder: then meet the new cli `erpxe` command :D

be aware that it is work in progress and it could (and will) break existing ERPXE 1.0 servers... so on your own risk!

There still a lot(!!!..!) of work to be done and we'll be more than happy if you'll join the team!

More information coming soon...