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ERPEXE not working

Posted: 10 Mar 2017, 17:23
by Spojler

I got problem with ERPEXE at first i install it and configure from manual on website.
After that i only see big letter on ASCII art ERPXE and error vesamenu.c32 error :/
After 2 hour i foundout that file got several kB and original file i download/check on internet got 150kB, after replacing files graphic UI at last show up.
I trying to work at interface but errors about c32 files still showing, checking that files i foundout that files is like symbolical link to /tmp/mc-root/..... where files does not exist.
Is someone got all files from folder boot/isolinux with complete c32 files?

Working at Debian 7.8

Best regards

Re: ERPEXE not working

Posted: 25 Oct 2017, 11:49
by Saturnay
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Re: ERPEXE not working

Posted: 02 Jan 2018, 16:36
by RaveMaker
i think your download got corrupted or something like that.
re-download and try overwriting all files.
as for the broken links this could be because of folder location:
in CentOS all files are located at '/tftpboot'
in Debinn all files are located at '/srv/tftp' if im not mistaken so better move them to the same location as in CentOS.
Dont forget to edit your TFTP config file to point to the new location.

Re: ERPEXE not working

Posted: 16 Jan 2018, 11:46
by Ricardnut
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