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Changing the splash and menu .png (SOLVED)

Posted: 16 Mar 2014, 15:45
by cnewman402
I am trying to change the splash and menu .png, but when I do it fails to show up. I did nothing except mv the old to example "splash2.png" and cp'd the new image over. I also own the user and group over to root, and ensure all permissions are the same as the original. What are the specification for a background in erpxe? Is it the same limitations of GRUB Legacy?

Update: I didnt find the settings detail for images but I will assume they are very similar to GRUB Legacy settings. I ended up just using the original image and pasting my image and to it, then it appeared fine.Good luck to all, and awesome project!

Re: Changing the splash and menu .png

Posted: 06 Apr 2014, 12:12
by ET-CS
I'm glat you succeded.
If anybody else need: the background can either be a color (MENU COLOR) or image file, which should be the size of the screen (normally 640x480 pixels, unless set using MENU RESOLUTION) and either in PNG, JPEG or LSS16 format.