Question about Grub4dos chainloading

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Question about Grub4dos chainloading

Postby Dudwich » 27 Jan 2014, 14:21

Hello ERPXE community,

Can I chainload the erpxe/pxelinux.0 file in my grub4dos menu alongside my other tools that I boot from my own grub4dos menu?
I tried to chainload it by doing:

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    title Run ERPXE
    pxe keep
    chainloader --raw (pd)/ERPXE/pxelinux.0

But I end up getting the error: Failed to load ldlinux.c32 (something with the kernel?)
I'm out of my wit, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Question about Grub4dos chainloading

Postby RaveMaker » 16 Feb 2014, 17:11

ldlinux.c32 is part of the syslinux package and is included with ERPXE (under /boot/isolinux).

I haven't tried to boot ERPXE from grub4dos but it seems possible.
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Re: Question about Grub4dos chainloading

Postby ET-CS » 17 Feb 2014, 01:58

If you succeeded configuring Grub4dos we will happy if you'll share with us a tutorial so we could post it on our forum for all the community.

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