ERPXE 1.2 released

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ERPXE 1.2 released

Postby RaveMaker » 28 Sep 2013, 18:45

ERPXE 1.2 released

This version contains mostly improvement to performance and shorter boot time.

- /syslinux folder (syslinux roms) moved to /boot/isolinux (syslinux tries there first)
- 3 links created at root (syslinux tries there first)
- syslinux.cfg - created several files which loads before default in most subnets.
- er.remap updated:
-- added folder exclusions - to speed process, and disable remap where not needed
-- renamed to erpxe.remap (er.remap left as link and will be deprecated soon).
- Added /bin folder - for scripts:
-- script created - for generating links in /syslinux.cfg/ for ip/subnet(s)
-- script added - for resetting permission on entire /tftpboot/ folder by default
- Menu Begin Moved into .menu file
- Help files updated F1-F4

Supported new plugins:
- NTPASSWD updated to 110511
- PXEKNIFE updated to the new ERPXE file system
- XBMCbuntu 12.2

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